Friends For Life

We currently run the Fun Friends programme in 2nd class and Friends For Life programme in 4th classes each year.

The FRIENDS Programmes

The FRIENDS programmes are school-based anxiety prevention and resilience building programmes developed by Dr Paula Barrett from Australia. The World Health Organisation cites ‘FRIENDS for Life’ as one of the few evidence-based programme for anxiety in children that is effective at all levels of intervention (WHO, 2004).

FRIENDS programmes support teachers to teach children and young people how to develop effective strategies to cope with, problem-solve and manage worry, stress, change and anxiety. Skills learned throughout the programme help pupils cope with problems that can arise as part of school life and dilemmas they may experience in later life.

FRIENDS programmes can be run by teachers as a whole class programme, or as a small group or one to one intervention.

FRIENDS is an acronym for the skills taught throughout the programme:

· Feelings.

· Remember to Relax. Have quiet time.

· Inner helpful thoughts

· Explore Solutions and Coping Step Plans.

· Now reward yourself! You’ve done your best!

· Do it every day. Don’t forget to practice.

· Stay Strong and talk to your support networks!