Physical Activity

Physical Activity is a central part of learning in Oola. Each year along with European Schools Sports Day in September, we have a school sports day in June. This day is a right of passage for the older children. We launched our active walkway this year and children love doing the Run around Ireland and Busy Breaks on our active walkway. Busy breaks and movement break a so important to helps us stay fit and active. See below how we stay active in Oola N.S.

Sports Day

Each year we hold a sport day. We aim to make this an enjoyable and fun day for all. We generally try to balance competitive with non competitive activities and cooperative games proved very successful. We even had the teachers becoming involved. There was an odd treat included also! So much fun.

We also have our annual awards for sportsmanship.

Run Around Ireland

5th & 6th recently completed a run around Ireland and was a great opportunity to integrate with geography

10 at 10

Oola N.S. took a whole school approach to active breaks by doing the 10 at 10 .

Active/Busy Breaks

Active Playgrounds (Leaders/Equipment/Leagues)

Lunchtime leagues in soccer, hockey, spikeball

Oola N.S. Active Walkway

We had a great day at the launch of our active walk way. It was great to have the school back together again (outdoors) and we talked about our active school motto.