Physical Education

In Oola National School we carry out at least 60 minutes of PE each week. The participation in the active school Flag initiative have resulted in additional time for given to movement breaks and busy breaks and and improved focus on various strands. Teachers have undertaken CPD this year in Fundamental Movement skills and 'move well move often' . Active School is on the agenda of all staff meeting and we discuss various school improvement steps in this area. We have recently developed a whole school approach to the teaching of the FMS across the Curriculum this year and will develop this further in the coming year. There are regular audits taken of the PE inventory and investment made where needed. The IPPEA have hosted very useful webinars on the running of sports days recently. Oola NS review PE policy periodically.

The school completes 5 of the 6 strands annually. Aquatics PreCovid takes place in Tipperary swimming pool. We also do land paws and teachers would do lessons around water safety.