Irish Aid Awards 2022

5th and 6th class have been awarded the most creative award for this years Irish Aid Awards. We received our award in Farmleigh House on Tuesday June 14th 2022.

Irish Aid is the Irish Government’s overseas development cooperation programme to fight world hunger and poverty on behalf of all the people of Ireland. The Our World Irish Aid Awards gave us the chance to learn more about the developing world and to speak out for a better future for all the world’s people. The theme of this year’s Awards is ‘Wellbeing for People and Planet’.

Our Project;

We read newspaper articles and watched videos on a news story from Sri Lanka where twenty elephants have died from eating plastic in landfill. We decided to write and illustrate a fictional story about an elephant called Cróga who mistakingly eats plastic in a landfill in Sri Lanka. We researched information and facts about elephants, plastic, Sri Lanka, endangered animals etc. to run parallel to our fictional story. We have created this book in video form which you can view here. We have also published the book and made it available in our school library. We have created it as a digital book using Book Creator. We have presented our project to the other classes in our school.

Here is our story. We hope you enjoy it and that it helps all you global citizens understand our problem with plastic.

To visit the Irish aid Awards website click here.

Crógas Plastic