Oola National School

Click here to complete a Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration.

This declaration needs to be completed when your child is returning to school after any absence. (Separate form to be completed for each child)

For information on the reopening of schools click here or see Information section of our website above.

  • This year your teacher will indicate the PE days for tracksuit. Team tracksuits are not allowed. Full uniform is required on the other 2 days. The jumpers have a crest on them. These crest can be purchased from the school (6 euro).

    • Infants: Thursday/Friday

    • 1st/2nd: Tuesday/Wednesday

    • 3rd&4th: Monday/Tuesday

    • 5th/6th: Tuesday/Wednesday

  • As per our COVID response plan we have currently staggered departure times.

    • 2.30 - 1st & 2nd

    • 2.35 - 3rd & 4th

    • 2.40 - 5th and 6th

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